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Healthcare Solutions With A Heart

Chalfant Insurance Services, Inc.

Sam P. Chalfant, Jr.Samuel P. Chalfant, Jr. (Sam)

Florida License Number P006402

I assist individuals, families and small groups select health insurance and dental plans from a wide range of carriers.  My first goal is to help every Florida resident I come in contact with obtain affordable health insurance that best suits her/his own personal needs.  I offer assistance with traditional insurance carriers (PPO’s, HMO’s and POS’s), HIPAA continuation plans, small group plans for 1-50 employees, Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plans and more, even those who have been previously declined or think of themselves as uninsurable. My second goal is to provide unparalleled customer service before, during and after the sale, always returning phone calls, emails, text messages and always following up on promises made.  In short, I want my customers to think of me as their go-to person when it comes to their comprehensive health insurance needs, questions and solutions.

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